UNESCO World Heritage in Germany

Learn how the German National Tourism Board used a mobile app & a web widget to complement their Discover Germany campaign

The German National Tourism Board worked with Triptale to create a niche mobile app, available both for iOS and Android, to showcase all the world heritage sites in Germany, and help travelers make the most of their time exploring the beautiful attractions the country has to offer.

The primary use of the app is to provide relevant travel information in a visual, readily available and up-to-date format. It also supports multiple languages, which is ideal for this purpose, as the app is easily customized to the countries the campaign is targeting.

The result: quick international spread and high engagement. The app has been downloaded in over 50 countries around the world and is especially popular among travellers from Netherlands and Switzerland. After Germany they are among the top 3 countries by the number of downloads.

Important recognition

The app’s popularity has been further fueled by Apple, who featured it in the German App Store


Visual overview, suggested routes, Instagram integration and multiple languages

The app includes three key components: a visual overview of all the UNESCO sites in Germany, 8 travel routes to help visitors with their travel planning and inspire them to discover more sights, and a photo feed from a specific Instagram hashtag to engage with visitors. In addition, the app is available in 12 different languages, further enhancing the reach and country-specific targeting of the campaign.

Visual Overview

High quality images are essential to appeal to visitors

For a travel app, beautiful images are one of the best ways to appeal to travellers and attract them to the destination. The app opens on a gallery overview to showcase all the UNESCO sights in Germany. Visitors can scroll and see all the images, and click on any place to read more information about it.

Suggested Travel Routes

Inspire & facilitate travel planning

One of the special features of this app were the 8 travel routes mapping scenic UNESCO drives across the country based on geographic areas and specific themes. This is a very nifty feature to get users to come back to your app, both while planning a travel and during the actual trip. In this app the routes can also be shared via social media, SMS and e-mail.

The integrated analytics show that the most popular route was the beautiful Palaces and Parks route and the most loved place was the Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps.

Instagram Integration

Engage with your visitors and encourage sharing

Using the Instagram hashtag #welterbegermany the app automatically pulls a photo feed. This is a nice way to engage with visitors, motivate them share their travel photos and experiences of all the places. Ultimately, it promotes both the app and Germany as a travel destination.


An integrated map widget for the campaign website

This specific campaign also included a custom-built web widget, to showcase all the UNESCO sites in an interactive browser format integrated in the campaign website. The combination of an app and a web widget was a good mix to align and promote the campaign both on the mobile, as well as the web interface.

See the web widget live

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